Job Alerts

We offer a regularly updated RSS (or 'news feed') service, to keep candidates up to date with the latest vacancies.

A news feed provides you with the headline information about a new vacancy and, if one interests you, you can click to read the full details.

This is a free service which you can opt in or out of at any time.


All anyone needs to receive a news feed (from us or anywhere else) is a 'news reader'. This is a piece of software that checks the feeds you have subscribed to and lets you know if any new jobs have been added since you last looked. Many news readers are free.

There are numberous news readers available - some are part of a web browser, others are stand-alone applications. Which one is right for you will depend on your personal preferences and your operating system.

Examples for the PC include Newz Crawler, FeedDemon and Awasu. For the Mac there is Newsfire and NetNewsWire. The Firefox browser also supports RSS.

More Information

This link to Google provides a starting point for more information about RSS.


DDH Recruitment Latest Vacancies RSS

You can subscribe to a DDH Recruitment RSS Feed via this link:

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